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05-24-2015Discover Dharma

Beginnings In 1907, the Rev. Kanseki Shimizu arrived as a misionary in Hilo. Three years later, he built a worship hall and warehouse on what used to be Piopio street where he served as a residetn minister until 1920.Reverend Tetsuo Hara seved as a resident minister from 1902 - 1940, followed by Reverend Shuzui Hino who served as resident minister until...

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Joya-e ( New Year's Eve Service)

This is a time to reflect on the year and to appreciate the countless blessings we had received.  On New Year's Eve we observe Joya no Kane or "108 Bell...

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Bodhi Day (Jodo-e)

About 2500 years ago, on December 8th at Buddha-Gaya in India, Shakamuni Buddha attained Enlightenment (Bodhi) under the bodhi tree and became Buddha, the Enlightened One, the Awakened One.  We...

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Based upon the text of the Muryojukyo, Jodoshu followers observe a unique ten days and ten nights of reciting the Nembutsu.  This practice is said to have been started by...

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Etaikyo Service

It is important for Japanese Buddhist to hold nenki or memorial services for the deceased.  Each area and sect has its own custom about when they hold memorial services.  We...

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O-Bon is a celebration of life, of both departed and living.  It is a time to remember our loved ones and ancestors and to reflect on our own lives.  It...

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Hanamatsuri (Buddha Day Service)

On April 8th, Shakyamuni Buddha was born in Lumbini Flower Garden.  Hanamatsuri or Buddha Day is when all Buddhists in the world celebrate his birth.  During the celebration, we decorate...

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Spring & Autumn Ohigan Service

Buddhists have long set aside Ohigan during the spring and autumn equinoxes.  The day and nights are of equal length and the universe is in harmony, this is a time...

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Nehan-e ( Nirvana Day Service)

In commemorating Shakyamuni Buddha's Great Passing (Nirvana) on February 15 under the Sala tree at Kushinagara in India, we observe Nirvana Day Service on the third Sunday of February.  This...

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Gyokie Service (memorial service for St.…

Commenmorating St. Honen's passing on the 25th of January 1212, we observe Gyokie on third Sunday in January.  We attend this service with feeling of deep gratitude and thankgiving for...

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